11 Stall Restroom

The Royal Restrooms Eleven-Stall Unit is designed to accommodate larger groups of people with portable facilities. This unit may be combined with additional Royal Restrooms for events such as festivals and sporting functions. The ten stall portable bathroom is also ideal for serving those in need during emergency situations, disaster relief efforts, or in any case where power and water sources are not readily available.

The Royal Restrooms Eleven-Stall Unit has a male restroom furnished with two sinks, three private stalls, and three urinals. The female restroom is furnished with two sinks and four private stalls. Each restroom has a separate entrance and exit door for smooth traffic flow. Whether used for a special event or emergency situation, Royal Restrooms provides individuals with the comforts of home in clean restrooms featuring:

Flushing Porcelain Toilets
Sinks with Running Water
(Hot Water Optional)
Vanities and Mirrors
Soap and Hand Towels
Air Conditioning or Heat
Dual Handrails and Low Entry Platforms
Low Level Outdoor Lighting
Rugs, Pictures, and Flowers
The Famous Royal Restrooms Mints

The unique design of Royal Restrooms gives them the mobility to go virtually anywhere. The Eleven-Stall Unit is completely self-contained and is operable using two 110 volt 20 amp power sources for the lights and heat or air conditioner. (Unit pulls a maximum of 20 amps.) Water is supplied by a spigot and garden hose or a 200 gallon on-board fresh water holding tank. The unit houses a 700 gallon waste holding tank.

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Restroom Dimensions

28’ 6" (including trailer tongue)

13' (stairs down)

11' (from ground to top of
A/C unit)

Licensed and Insure

11 stall portable restroom
11 stall portable restroom interior